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Feng Shui for happiness, health and harmony
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My new living room art

artwork for good feng shui, and now I’m excited to show you my new piece of living room art that I purchased from The Canvas Workshop....

Feng shui tip for love

Try this feng shui tip for love! So, it was Valentine’s Day yesterday and whether you had a wildly romantic night with the person of your...

DIY chemical-free foaming hand soap

Ok guys, this has to be the easiest DIY ever. EVER. In fact I wasn’t even sure it was worth a post, but its actually something that I’ve...

The best natural deodorant

Over the past year I’ve been trying out all different types and brands of natural, non-toxic deodorants and this is by far the best one...

Paleo muesli recipe

Last year I had an amazing three-night stay at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat while I was six months pregnant. Their programs give people...

Is your deodorant making you sick?

I have a confession to make. I sweat a lot. For reals. (Grey t-shirts in summer? Hells no!) For a long time the only antiperspirant I...

How to activate almonds

My house is full of almonds. I love to snack on them, cook with them and rub them on my body (almond oil, that is). #saucy #notreally My...

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