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Feng shui tip for love

Try this feng shui tip for love!

HHFS - feng shui tip for love

So, it was Valentine’s Day yesterday and whether you had a wildly romantic night with the person of your dreams, or curled up on your couch with your cat and a packet of Red Rock Deli,  I hope it was purrfect.

If it was the latter and you wouldn’t have had it any other way, then go you!

However, if you wish it was the former, I have a real easy feng shui tip that may help you attract the dip to your chip, if you know what I mean.

And that is to create a love corner.

A space to reflect, attract and dedicate to the love that you desire.

But it can’t be in just in any old corner.

According to Compass School feng shui, the southwest area of your bedroom is the sweet spot!

The southwest relates to marriage and relationships, and by giving some love to this direction you can improve your opportunity for receiving some yourself!

And the bedroom – well, it’s the most intimate and personal room in your house for reasons that I’m sure you can guess, but it’s also the room that reflects the inner you and thus your dreams and desires.

So find that spot and adorn it with objects that support the energy of the southwest.

These can include candles, a lamp or anything red, pink or purple as they relate to the fire element and nourish the southwest; or crystals, pottery, ceramic ornaments or anything yellow, orange, beige or brown as they relate to the earth element of the southwest.

But when I say anything of a certain colour, this doesn’t mean you can just chuck an old, red t-shirt into the corner.

The objects must have meaning or symbolise love, for example, pairs of objects are great as they symbolise a couple or a union. You could even write a note describing the type of person you wish to attract and place that there as well!

And it’s as easy as that.

Perhaps you feel like you always seem to get the wrong type of dip. You know, the cheap cheese and onion kind that always leaves a crappy taste in your mouth.

Give this feng shui love tip a try and you may find yourself with an endless supply of that delicious gourmet hummus with the roasted pepper pieces on top that is just to your taste!


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