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Say hello to a stranger

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

When did you last say hello to a stranger?

say hello to a stranger

I used to live in a unit near the hustle and bustle of the city’s CBD. Almost every day I would go for a walk along the pedestrian footpath by the river where I would pass by all sorts of people. People going for a stroll, others exercising, business men on their way to work and uni students heading to class.

One thing I hadn’t really noticed until I moved to the ‘burbs was that people there never said hello to each other.

Even when I passed the same lady heading to work or the same man walking his yellow lab at the same time every morning, I’d be lucky to get a nod of recognition. Everyone seemed to be closed off in their own personal bubble; eyes glued straight ahead, heaven forbid their gaze should happen to meet with anyone else’s.

But then again, I never said hello to anyone either.

Then, when I moved a few suburbs further out it was a completely different story. I used to think it was my resting bitch face that told anyone and everyone approaching to ‘F-off’, but when I walked around this leafy neighbourhood total strangers would stroll past with a big, hearty “Morning!!”, and basically scare the crap out of me while I was zoned out in my own personal bubble.

However, what I did notice was how being greeted by a total stranger with such warmth instantly lifted my spirits and made me feel happy.

This is a simple, yet perfect example of the power and connectedness of energy.

No matter how subtle, energy is always resonating, flowing, circulating, transforming, connecting and uniting all things.

Everything on Pandora, I mean, Earth, and in the universe is made up of this life-force otherwise known as Eywa. I mean, Qi. Not only physical objects or light or sound, but also your feelings, emotions, moods, thoughts and words.

Why you should say hello to a stranger

It’s amazing how the energy of someone cheerfully saying hello to you can immediately shift your own energy to the same upbeat, positive state; while on the other hand, someone throwing a negative comment your way can immediately drag your energy right down to their level.

Once, I was walking my dog and he crapped on the footpath, and a cyclist riding by rudely yelled in my ear to pick it up. Little did he know I already had a plastic bag in my hand ready to go, but from that point on my mood had changed and I was calling him an asshole and muttering all kinds of other obscenities under my breath at him until I decided that I should just not let it get to me.

Energy is contagious and I was infected by his sour mood.

With this in mind, I love greeting people I pass on my walks now with a smiley “hello” in the hopes that it will uplift their energy and brighten their day. And whenever I get a smiley “hello” back it makes my smile even bigger!

Recently when I was out walking with my daughter and dog, I said hi to an elderly gentleman strolling towards me who then smiled and stopped to ask whether I was the girl he spoke to a couple days earlier. He apologised when I told him he must be mistaken, but we introduced ourselves and ended up having a really lovely chat before parting ways. Totally made my morning. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for like half-an-hour. Now, whenever our paths cross he greets me with a loud, “Hello Jemma, Isla and Milo!!”, which always puts a spring in my step!

So what I’m saying is, be mindful of the energy you project and spread #goodvibesonly.

Smile and say hello to the lady you jog past every afternoon or the gentleman who sits across from you on the bus every morning. Notice their energy shift as they welcome your greeting and see how good you feel when you receive the same back!

Jem xx

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