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The worst position for your bed

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

worst position for your bed feng shui

When it comes to achieving good bedroom feng shui, I’ve previously spoken about mirror placement and given you a tip for something you can do in your bedroom to improve your love life (not as kinky as it sounds, sorry).

However, bed placement would be considered the most important factor as it’s where you sleep, and as a result you are being affected by the type energy surrounding your bed for several hours a night.

You may be surprised to find out that the worst position for your bed actually has nothing to do with traditional feng shui, simply because people weren’t affected by this type of energy in their homes some 3000 plus years ago.

The energy I’m referring to is that of electromagnetic fields emitted by modern-day technologies.

And in this case, it’s your home meter box.

The worst position for your bed

The worst position for your bed is undoubtedly with the bed head placed against a wall that has the metre box located on the other side as it continually emits a strong magnetic field.

Magnetic fields have been found to be harmful to the body; more so than electric fields as they can increase the risk of cancer.

Good gosh! How???

It is thought that magnetic fields suppress the immune system and interfere with the electrical signals in the body’s cells. This causes changes to hormone and enzyme levels and triggers the abnormal growth of cells that the body is unable to fight.

On the lesser end of the scale, short-term exposure to magnetic fields can cause sleep disturbances and insomnia, heart palpitations and chest pain, increased heart rate and blood pressure, muscle aches and joint pains, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, learning difficulties, burning or prickling sensations on the skin, flu-like symptoms as well as auto-immune disorders, says building biologist, Nicole Bijlsma.

Still not so fun!

According to building biology principles, the maximum exposure to magnetic fields in the bedroom is 0.2mG, and if a simple AC/DC clock radio can emit up to 3mG at a distance of one foot (tested by medical journalist, John H. Cole) just imagine how strong the field from a meter box would be!

The concern is so great that Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar was actually advised to move out of her flat after having a building biology inspection done, as her bedroom was located on top of the building’s fuse room which housed 12 metre boxes.

Oh, and she also suffers from an auto-immune disease, which began around the same time she moved in there. Go figure.

It is extremely important that your exposure level is kept below 0.2mG during sleep as this is when the body recuperates and repairs cell damage.

Studies have shown a link between long-term exposure to low frequency magnetic fields over 4mG and a doubled risk of childhood leukaemia!

Magnetic fields are difficult to shield because they radiate outwards and can penetrate most things including humans, concrete and steel, so wrapping your head in foil at night is going to do bugger-all, unless you’re letting a nice, deep-conditioning hair treatment set in, that is.

The solution?


Move your bed against a different wall or see if an electrician can relocate the meter box elsewhere. Your head must be two metres away from it at the very least.

Even if your bedroom has perfect feng shui layout and is located in excellent flying stars, sleeping within the magnetic field of the meter box is going to be detrimental to your health and completely negate any benefits you may have gained otherwise.

Jem xx

Featured image source: Apartment Therapy

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