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The method of feng shui that I practise incorporates all three classical schools of feng shui; Form, Compass and Flying Star. This, I believe, is the most comprehensive way to conduct an audit and produces the most accurate results. 

Here’s a quick run-down of each school:

Form School was traditionally used in Ancient China to select auspicious sites for building cities and burying the dead based on the surrounding land formations and waterways. Today it is used to determine whether the location of a house is auspicious by its surroundings such as the road, neighbouring buildings and features in the garden. It also applies to how the placement of furniture inside the house encourages the most beneficial flow of energy.

Compass School is a simplified version used as a way of determining an individual’s fortune based on the Bagua, a pattern comprised of eight trigrams, and the influence of the type of energy that is associated with the relative compass directions of their home. It also takes into account a person’s auspicious directions which are calculated based on their date of birth and gender.

Flying Star School is considered the most advanced form of feng shui as it is based on mathematics and looks at the effect of the different energies at play during different periods of time on a building. This practise uses a Lo Shu grid containing an arrangement of numbers and analyses the interaction of those numbers and their meanings as they systematically move positions according to the different compass directions and time periods.

You may have heard of Black Hat feng shui, which is widely practised in the United States. This is a simplified, Westernised variation that many classical practitioners dismiss as being inaccurate. It is not based on mathematics nor compass directions, rather, it sees every house as having the same energies located in the same sectors based on the position of the front door. This generalisation is bound to result in errors and is the reason I do not consider this to be real feng shui.

What is Feng Shui?: Quote
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How can feng shui bring me luck?

To get an idea of how feng shui can increase your chances of being lucky, you need understand how it fits into the Chinese philosophy of Heaven, Man and Earth luck.

Now, this philosophy holds to the belief that your life is dependent on these three types of luck, two of which you have the ability to change for the better (yay), and one that you’re stuck with (boo).

Heaven Luck is your destiny, or the luck with which you were born, and unfortunately cannot be changed. So if you were not destined to be a future Prime Minister, then sorry, its just never going happen.

Man (human) Luck, however, is determined by your personal character, which is shaped by your thoughts and actions.  This means you can improve your Man Luck by being a good and charitable person, striving to educate and develop yourself personally, and by thinking and acting with good intentions. Not always easy, I know! We’re all guilty of pretending to be in a mad rush somewhere while avoiding all eye contact with the World Vision rep outside the grocery store (don’t deny it). But this luck is the most important out of all three because it accounts for almost half of your overall luck.

Earth Luck is where feng shui comes into play as it is the way your environment affects your life. It is determined by the circumstances of the world at the time you were born and of the country you were born into, as well as the influence of your personal living environment.

Therefore, applying feng shui to your home or business can help improve your Earth Luck!

What is Feng Shui?: Quote
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