Lead in lipstick – should you be worried?

Lead in lipstick – one of the many toxic chemicals hidden in your makeup A good friend of mine recently mentioned how horrified she was to discover that her humble lipstick was contaminated with a learning and behavioural disorder-causing, hyperactivity-inducing, IQ-reducing, and sleep-disturbing heavy metal. That’s right. I’m talking about lead. Lead is not intentionally added as an ingredient in lipsticks, but it sneaks it’s way in there through the contamination of raw mat

Formaldehyde in furniture could be making you sick

Storytime! My parents have a small holiday unit in Taiwan which they visit a few times a year. A couple of years ago they spent their Christmas break there after the unit had been locked up over the summer. Now, let me tell you, summer in Taiwan is a lot like summer in Australia. Hot, humid and plain horrible if you don’t have air conditioning, a swimming pool, a beach or a shopping centre nearby. When they first arrived at the unit my mum noticed a strange smell which she in


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