Formaldehyde in furniture could be making you sick

Storytime! My parents have a small holiday unit in Taiwan which they visit a few times a year. A couple of years ago they spent their Christmas break there after the unit had been locked up over the summer. Now, let me tell you, summer in Taiwan is a lot like summer in Australia. Hot, humid and plain horrible if you don’t have air conditioning, a swimming pool, a beach or a shopping centre nearby. When they first arrived at the unit my mum noticed a strange smell which she in

KX Pilates experience

I have a love-hate relationship with reformer Pilates. I hate that it always reminds me how piddly weak my arms are and just how many muscles in my body I never actually use, but I love that there’s always a noticeable improvement in my strength after only a short amount of time! After having my little girl this time last year, my core strength was no where near what it used to be and I also had diastasis recti (abdominal separation), which meant I was left with a bit of a be


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