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Where to watch out in 2019

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

2019 Flying Stars

The year of the Pig officially begins on February 5 according to the Chinese calendar, and what everyone wants to know is, “Where the hell are the bad energies now and what am I supposed to do about them?!”

Every year the nine flying stars (specific energies that are referred to in numbers) move in a sequence around a Lo Shu chart where they remain for that particular year. Each sector of the chart that they land in corresponds to a particular compass direction (amongst other things), and thus their energies have an affect on that particular sector of your house.

2019 Flying Star Chart

Every year there are favourable stars and unfavourable stars at play, and the first thing I do is work out where the unfavourable ones are and put a stop to these meddling pricks.

These are the unfavourable stars we want to remedy in order of importance:

  1. 5 Yellow Misfortune star

  2. 2 Black Illness star

  3. 7 Red Robbery star

  4. 3 Jade Quarrelsome star

Nice names, huh?

I’m going to keep the remedies as simple as possible as I totally get that it can be confusing when you’re told to buy a 5-element pagoda made of bronze draped with 6 Chinese coins tied together by red string with 8 knots that has been blessed by the dragon’s breath blowing from the west and holy dew from the mountains of the east…

5 Yellow Misfortune Flying Star – Southwest

The star that we need to remedy first is the big, bad 5 Yellow. It’s energy is of the Earth element and relates to misfortune, loss, accidents, illness, catastrophe, etc., – basically stuff that you really, really don’t want happening to you. This year it flies into the southwest which affects the mother of the household the most (great..), and anyone who spends a lot of time in this sector. Because this direction is also of the Earth element it means that the energies of the 5 Yellow are being supported this year. Which is a bad thing. Oh yes. So what we need to do is wrap ourselves in bubble wrap and stay in bed until Feb 4 2020.

Just kidding.

The remedy is simple. All remedies are determined by the 5 Elemental Cycle.

In this instance we want to reduce as much Earth energy as we can, and we do this by introducing into the southwest sector the element that drains the Earth element, which is Metal. I’ve given examples of the Metal element along with the other four elements in this blog post. However, most feng shui masters and practitioners recommend a metal calabash as the best remedy (for reasons of symbolism that I will discuss in a future blog post), either used alone or in conjunction with another metal element remedy. We also want to avoid enhancing the Earth energy so avoid decorating with shades of brown, yellow, orange, pink, purple and red.

2 Black Illness Flying Star – Northeast

The next energy to remedy is the 2 Black Illness Star which I’ve talked about previously here. Like the 5 Yellow, it is of the Earth element, and this year it lands in the northeast sector of the home. Here it is at conflict with the Wood element, which can cause the youngest son in the family to fall sick the most, and anyone who spends a lot of time in this sector. Again, following the 5 Elemental Cycle we need to remedy with the Metal element such as by placing a metal calabash, Salt Water Cure or other metal objects into this sector of the home. Again, avoid decorating with brown, yellow, orange, pink, purple and red.

7 Red Robbery Flying Star – Southeast

Next is the 7 Red Robbery star which relates to theft, slander, gossip, fire and accidents. In particular, there is a risk of financial loss through theft and deceit. Flying into the southeast, the 7 Red is of the Metal element where it is in conflict with the Wood element this year. It’s energies can affect the eldest daughter in the family the most and anyone who spends a lot of time in this sector. To remedy this star we need to use the Water element in this sector, but not real water as this could activate it’s energies rather than deplete it. I suggest using decorative objects or furnishings that are black or very dark blue in colour, and avoid metallic colours as well as browns, yellows and oranges.

3 Jade Quarrelsome Flying Star – South

Lastly we have the 3 Jade Quarrelsome star which relates to conflict, arguments, theft and lawsuits. Good news though (thank f*king finally)! This star is of the Wood element and this year it’s energy is weak because it flies into the south which relates to the Fire element. In the 5 Elemental Cycle, Fire drains Wood. Although weak, the star still has the potential to affect the middle daughter in the family the most and anyone who spends a lot of time in this sector, so just to be safe you may place a Fire element remedy in the south sector of your home. These can include pink or purple decorative objects or furnishings. Avoid enhancing the Wood element with green, black and blue colours.

External Activators

The last thing you want to do to any of these negative stars is activate their energy with external sources. This means that you need to pay attention to what’s outside that sector of your house and make sure there are no poison arrows or Sha Qi (negative energies) such as large, sharp objects pointing to these sectors of the house, or ugly eye-sores in these parts of the garden. You also want to keep these areas as quiet and undisturbed as possible, so no earthworks, no renovations, no slamming doors, no throwing wild, crazy parties, and definitely no animal sacrifices here.

Points to note

A couple things to note.

Firstly, the best way to avoid the influences of these stars is to spend as little time as possible in these areas. If your bedroom, or a family member’s bedroom falls into one of these sectors, the very best solution is to move to another room and close off that bedroom for the year. If no one spends time in the affected areas, there is no real need to implement any of the suggested remedies.

Secondly, every (compass) sector of every home houses a native Mountain and Water star (permanent stars that are ‘born’ into each sector when the home is constructed), whose energies also influence the effect of the yearly ‘visiting’ stars for better or worse, and therefore affect the required remedies.

Let’s take the 5 Yellow in the southwest of my house as an example. My daughter’s bedroom is located in the southwest containing a native Mountain star with negative energy. This Mountain star is of the Earth element and it’s negative qualities are being supported by the Earth element of the Southwest, so I already have a metal calabash in her room to drain this energy. However, with the arrival of the 5 Yellow this year enhancing the Earth element even further, the metal calabash probably won’t be strong enough so I’m pretty much going to have to Metal the heck out of her room.

In an appropriate manner, of course.

I’ll be placing a salt water cure on top of her tall boy (instructions can be found under remedies in this post) as well as a metal bell which I’ll ring in her room morning and night. The way this works is that the Earth energy from the 5 Yellow is so busy occupying itself producing all the Metal energy that it becomes too weak affect the occupants of the room/home. Depending on your home’s natal chart, you may not need remedies to this extent and either a metal calabash or salt water cure may suffice.

How much will these flying stars affect me?

Although these negative flying stars sound pretty scary, the extent of their influence depends on a lot of factors. Apart from external activators and your home’s natal chart, factors including your Four Pillars of Destiny (personal Chinese astrology chart), the influence of flying stars that ‘visit’ monthly, your current state of health and wellbeing, your mindset, and how you deal with situations will contribute to how much of an affect they will have on you this year.

Many people will not know their home’s natal chart nor their Four Pillars of Destiny, so the best thing to do is to implement the remedies suggested and take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep and exercise, eating fresh, healthy food, and taking precautions in the affected areas of your home such as by ensuring your doors are locked when you leave the house, making sure your stove is turned off properly when not cooking, not leaving candles lit when you’re out and being careful with your business and financial interactions.

Jem xx

Featured image via Instagram @homespaceideas

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