Essential oil necklace by Clarified Designs

Lately I’ve been getting into essential oils a lot more. Not only are they great for cleaning, but they have profound therapeutic benefits for your mind, body and spirit. They have the ability to energise, uplift your mood, give you strength, assist with concentration, help you sleep, relieve tension, clear your mind and open your heart, so when I received a sacred alchemy necklace from Clarified Designs I was more than a little bit excited! Essential oils are so much more th

Cleaning with essential oils

As you know, I’m a big fan of making my own non-toxic versions of conventional beauty and personal care products, such as my natural whipped body butter and foaming hand soap, and this interest also extends to home cleaning products. A big problem with conventional cleaning products is, apart from the risk of exposing your family to toxic chemicals and potential carcinogens, that manufacturers are legally not obliged to disclose their ingredients on the packaging. So, how are


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