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Essential oil necklace by Clarified Designs

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Lately I’ve been getting into essential oils a lot more. Not only are they great for cleaning, but they have profound therapeutic benefits for your mind, body and spirit. They have the ability to energise, uplift your mood, give you strength, assist with concentration, help you sleep, relieve tension, clear your mind and open your heart, so when I received a sacred alchemy necklace from Clarified Designs I was more than a little bit excited!

Essential oils are so much more than just an aroma, they are the living vibrational essence of a plant. It is these vibrational frequencies we can tap into to attract love, abundance, luck and happiness into our lives. (Clarified Designs)

Clarified Designs is a local, Brisbane-based business that creates little potions of specially selected, certified organic essential oils to be worn around your neck to envelope you in an all-day cloud of bliss. You can have them custom mixed to suit your individual needs, or select from a range of thoughtfully crafted blends to support and enhance different qualities and desires.

My necklace is the Sagittarius blend from the Zodiac Collection, which has been designed to balance and amplify my powers as an optimistic, philosophical, truth-seeking and freedom-loving soul! Opening the little box it came in was like delving into a miniature, whimsical fairy garden. As I lifted the lid, sweet smelling lavender and rose-red petals spilled out like fairy dust to reveal the elixir nestled comfortably within, and two little tumblestones of citrine and rose quartz gleamed under the light. At that point I thought for sure that a leprechaun was going to jump out and steal my wallet.

This blend contains Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Absolute, Rosemary and Sandalwood to help ease tension and cool the fieriness of a Sagittarius before it builds up and results in outbursts (guilty!), while at the same time connecting them with their inner heart and empowering them to advance with their philosophical and spiritual pursuits!

What I love about these necklaces is that the fragrance slowly seeps through the cork in the top so rather than being hit in the face with a big bouquet, your nose picks up a nice, subtle hint of it’s aroma. The length of the necklace is also adjustable so you can either tuck it under your shirt or show the whole world you’re a hippie at heart!

I love the smell of my Sagittarius necklace—it’s sweet and floral but also has a deeper, spicy, woodiness to it that just makes me sigh, ‘ahhhhh’.

Check out the blends for the other Zodiac signs here or visit to explore their other collections and learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy!

Jem xx

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