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Paleo chocolate coconut clusters recipe

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe here, but after buying Pete Evan’s new book, Low Carb Healthy Fat recently, I was excited to try out some of his! If you’ve never heard of o’l Paleo Pete you can check out his websites Pete Evans and The Paleo Way. There’s been a lot of controversy in the Australian media surrounding him lately due to his promotion of a Paleo way of life, and I’m seriously dumbfounded as to how anyone could possibly ignore the countless health bene

DIY natural deodorant (no baking soda)

I’ve talked about the health issues concerning conventional deodorants and also recommended a safe and effective natural deodorant paste that is a cult favourite amongst green beauty bloggers. However, for some people certain natural deodorants can irritate the skin and cause a red rash—the culprit ingredient? Sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda. Most natural deodorants rely on baking soda to absorb moisture and kill odour-causing bacteria, however, because it

DIY natural whipped body butter

As we move away from Autumn and inch closer to Winter, if you’re anything like me, the thought of rugging up in cozy Winter wear and not having to shave your legs as often might be getting you excited (hubby though, not so much). However, you may not be looking forward to the dry, scaly skin that usually comes along with the cooler weather. So while you’re getting ready to whip out your beanies, boots and scarves  (or if you’re here in Brisbane, maybe just some socks to go wi

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