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5 tips from the experts for your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is surprisingly easy to care for

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus Lyrata) has to be the hippest of houseplants right now.

Every interior designer, decorator and their dog has one, and everyone who doesn’t is green with Fiddle Leaf envy.

Including me.

However, I have trouble remembering to water my two Peace Lillies so I’ve already banned myself from getting one of these, even though they’re apparently really easy to care for, so says Renee from my local nursery, Brookfield Garden Centre.

I know a lot of other people would love one in their home, so I asked the folks at Brookfield Garden Centre if they could share some tips for caring for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, and here are their top 5!

5 tips for caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

1. Keep it in a well-lit position.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

2. Water weekly or when dry. If kept inside, put in the shower every few months to wash the dust off the leaves.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

3. Use a slow release fertiliser to keep your plant growing beautifully.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

4. Keep it in the plastic pot it comes in, and place that inside a nice decorative pot. This makes it easy to take outside if needed.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Source: @monikahibbs

5. Repot if needed in the Spring and use a good quality potting mix.

Fiddle leaf fig tree

The biggest problem they see is people forgetting to water them (me, most times) or over-watering them and leaving them sitting in a saucer full of water (me, every other time).

The best thing about these trees is that they are actually quite affordable, so you can get the designer look in your home too!

At Brookfield Garden Centre the price for these beauties ranges from $12.95 to $29.95 for the Bambino (dwarf variety) and up to $429 for the big bastards.

As much as I’d love one sitting in the corner of my living room, for now I’ll just continue to stalk everyone else’s on Instagram.

Here are some more to make you green –

Source: @angievdm

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Source: @shaunaglenn

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Fiddle leaf fig tree

Source: @trendenser

Jem xx

Featured image source: @scoutandnimble

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