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Eco-friendly and health-conscious Father’s Day gift ideas

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Father's Day gift ideas

It’s Father’s Day in less than a week! What are your plans?  A family picnic by the water is on the cards for us!

Growing up, my parents never wanted my little brother and I to spend our money on gifts for them on Father’s and Mother’s Day. Instead, we had a tradition where I would cook dinner for the family and he would make dessert (except that he’d always buy them a box of chocolates too, but only because he knew they’d share it with us), which I think is actually quite special!

However, I can still appreciate how buying someone a gift you know they’ll really enjoy can show that you truely understand them, you’ve been listening, you’re thinking of them, and that they’re in your heart.

So with that being said, what better way to show Dad that you care about him than by looking after his health and wellbeing this Father’s Day!

I’ve put together a collection of some eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy gift ideas that I know I would love to receive if I was a Dad (haha). Ok, maybe some of these are on my wish list right now.

Nearly all of these gifts are available from I love this store because they’re a local Brisbane-based, family-run business with ethical values. They always choose to stock products made in Australia whenever possible, and assess every product they stock against the following criteria:

  1. grown & manufactured in a sustainable way (sun-grown, renewable, organic)

  2. contains no petrochemicals, harmful ingredients or non-renewable resources

  3. recycled or assists recycling

  4. non-toxic and biodegradable (biodegradable alone is not sufficient)

  5. saves resources or reduces consumption

  6. traded fairly and with respect for the producers

  7. produced without exploitation or harm to people and animals

  8. longer lasting than the alternative, thus saving resources & pollution

  9. designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life

  10. inspires love for the environment

Father’s Day gift ideas for the clean-eating, healthy foodie dad

A non-stick ceramic frypan like the Neoflam frypan. Ceramic frypans are free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals, unlike teflon which is made of a chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which can stay in the human body and environment for long periods of time. Human and animal studies have shown that PTFE exposure causes an increase in cancer.

A kombucha jar like this one. If you haven’t heard of kombucha yet then you’re not a true hipster! Kombucha is a fermented drink that contains probiotics (like in these products) and is beneficial for gut health, digestion, the immune system, supporting your joints, improving energy and cleansing and detoxifying your body.

A spiral slicer like the Gefu Spiralfix or the Spirelli. Use to make healthy, gluten-free, low-carb, or vegan meals using spiralised vegetables instead of pasta.

A yoghurt kit like this coconut one by Mad Millie. I’ve already harped on about the benefits of coconut so I’m not going to do it again here!

A healthy cook book like this one filled with 150 raw recipes. My husband, who is also a dad btw, LURVES raw desserts such as my chocolate avo mousse tart and cookie-dough bliss balls.

A beer brewing kit like this wattle pale ale by BrewSmith. By making your own beer you will know exactly what’s in it and you can even use recyclable beer bottles to save waste.

Father’s Day gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad

A solar-powered lamp for camping like the Sun Jar. Self-explanatory.

Bamboo utensils like these or these. Bamboo is a renewable resource and reusable utensils mean less waste.

A compost kit like the Bokashi. Make your own compost out of food craps and waste and use it to fertilise your garden or vege patch.

A Sandalwood mosquito diffuser like this and this from New Mountain. Using essential oils like Sandalwood are a non-toxic and healthy alternative to mosquito candles and coils that use chemical repellants.

Bamboo gardening gloves like these. Bamboo is a natural, breathable fabric that is great at keeping moisture away.

Father’s Day gift ideas for the dapper dad

A recycled wood watch like the WeWood. Super stylish and super environmentally friendly. Win-win.

Beer shampoo like the Beauty and the Bees beer shampoo bar. Yes, washing your hair with beer is actually a ‘thing’. The vitamins in beer are meant to nourish your hair, and it’s also said to control dandruff!

Natural shaving soap like the Dindi tin. Because beards are so two years ago! Natural soaps made from saponified oils are a million times better for your skin and health than chemical-laden shaving creams.

Organic bamboo socks like these and these by Boody. Dads and men in general are always losing socks so why not get them a whole heap of all-black or all-white ones so that they’ll never have to wear an odd pair! Plus, bamboo fabric will help to keep their stinky, sweaty feet dry and less stinky.


A silk eye mask like this one by the Goodnight Co. Silk is breathable and hypoallergenic unlike satin, and helps skin to retain moisture. Great for dads who travel.


Father’s Day gift ideas for the playful dad

Eco-friendly hardwood travel games that are great for bringing the family together and exercising the mind, like this wooden tossing game based on the Finnish sport of log throwing

Or ‘shut the box’, which is an old English pub game

Or this eco-friendly version of ‘Connect Four’ (one of my faves as a kid)

See? Sustainable and health-conscious gifts are better than you thought, aren’t they!

PS. My birthday’s in a few months and I do enjoy coconut yoghurt. *hint hint*.

Jem xx

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