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Feng shui poison arrows – how to stop them attacking your home

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

feng shui poison arrows

Feng shui poison arrows.

Sounds pretty deadly, right?

Well they’re called that for a reason as they’re one of the major forces of negative energy (Sha Qi) according to Form School feng shui that you need to watch out for!

Poison arrows are concentrations of energy that shoot at you like an arrow from sharp, angled or pointed objects in your environment. This type energy is so forceful that it “attacks” whatever it is pointing towards, so the last thing you want is for any poison arrows to be directed at your house or yourself!

Your home is your sanctuary and poison arrows are considered a threat to your safety and wellbeing. Because there’s no escaping or dodging energy that affects your home from the outside, which in turn affects yourself and your family, it’s most important to check for poison arrows in your surrounding environment that point towards your house before focusing on poison arrows inside the home.

Poison arrow from a T-intersection

One of the most severe types of poison arrows to affect a house is if it is located at the end of a T-intersection, and especially if the front door is in line with the oncoming road. Although this energy isn’t coming from a sharp or pointed object, it acts in the same way as it rushes down the road towards the house. Being constantly pelted with such strong energy can cause serious misfortune for those living there, including lack of opportunities, poor health and financial troubles.

Ever noticed how accidents often occur at T-intersections? The energy is moving with such force down the road that cars are unable to stop, slow down or turn in time, and the longer and straighter the road the more forceful the energy.  Remember how I said it’s better to have a curved or wavy path as opposed to a straight one leading up to your front door? It’s for this same reason. Positive energy (Sheng Qi) is of a more gentle quality and should meander and flow slowly towards your home.

There is, however, an exception to this (there are always exceptions in feng shui!) and that is if the poison arrow from a T-interesection hits a good flying star in that sector. In this case it actually activates and enhances the positive energy of that star to bring you good fortune!

Other poison arrows outside

Other poison arrows in your environment to look out for are angles and points coming from corners of neighbouring roofs and buildings, as well as things like power poles, single trees, pillars, sharp garden sculptures, etc., from which the projection of energy is more concentrated. Again, they are especially bad if they’re pointing towards or in line with your front door as this is the mouth of the home and determines the quality of energy inside the whole home.

Get this.

Before Lillian Too became the world renowned feng shui expert that she is today, she tried unsuccessfully for many years to conceive her daughter and it wasn’t until a feng shui Master to her house and told her a large tree blocking her front door was stopping her from falling pregnant!

If a poison arrow is pointed towards a particular sector of your house, eg. north, east, southwest, etc., then it may negatively impact the area of your life to which it relates, eg. career, health, relationships, etc.

To protect your home from poison arrows outside, here are some things you can do.

Feng shui tips for protecting your home from poison arrows in the surrounding environment

  1. Block the path of the poison arrow energy with plants or a healthy, green bush.

  2. Install a wall or fence to block the path of the energy, providing it isn’t too tall or close to the house. Remember, we still want positive energy to be able to reach the front door.

  3. Disperse the negative energy by hanging a multi-faceted crystal ball in it’s path.

  4. If the poison arrow is pointing towards a window, hang some sheer curtains up to block its energy while still allowing light to shine through.

  5. For poison arrows directed at particular sectors, place an object of the controlling element (in the Chinese five elemental cycle) for that sector in its path:

  6. East and southeast – use the Metal Element such as a wind chime or metal sculpture

  7. South – use the Water Element such as a water feature or a black object

  8. Southwest and northeast – use the Wood Element such as some pot plants or a hedge

  9. West and northwest – use the Fire Element such as some bright lights

  10. North – use the Earth Element such as some ceramic pots, crystals or a brick wall

Every time you walk past or look at the remedy you’ve implemented, think, with intention, about it’s purpose of blocking the poison arrow as this will help to program its protective energy.

Jem xx

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