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How to balance your home with the five elements

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

five elements

Have you ever walked into a room where everything just felt right? Where the energy felt balanced and harmonised? I’ve frequently found this to be the case when the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are represented through the décor, often very subtly, and I’m going to share with you some of my favourite ways to do this! These five elements work together to produce a harmonious flow of energy, and having the right balance of these elements in your home can help to support your health and wellbeing.

Wood Element

The energy of wood represents growth, renewal, direction and vitality. My favourite way to introduce the Wood element into a room is with indoor pot plants! Nothing says growth and vitality more than living, breathing, thriving plants. Just be sure to take good care of them and keep them healthy (which is something that I actually struggle with as I don’t have the greenest of thumbs!). If you’re in need of some houseplant inspiration I’ve got a post here which can help! Other Wood element items can include things made of wood or natural fibres, anything green in colour and objects that are tall and rectangular in shape.

Fire Element

The Fire element is all about warmth, spirit, expression and excitement, and what better way to express this than through a cluster of flickering candles! They instantly bring a sense of warmth and passion to any room. Other ways to represent Fire are through electronic equipment as they use electricity, the colours red, pink and purple, as well as objects that are pointy, sharp or triangular in shape.

Earth Element

The Earth element has a grounding, nurturing, stable energy, and I love placing crystals around a room to evoke this vibe. Crystals are also wonderful tools for supporting or enhancing particular energies of your desire as each type of crystal also has it’s own special property. If crystals are a bit too woo-woo for you (I know they’re not everyone’s thing!), other Earth element objects can include earthenware like pottery, ceramics and clay sculptures, anything yellow, beige, brown and orange in colour, or objects that are broad, flat and square in shape.

Metal Element

The Metal element brings an energy that is focused, reflective, contractive, and transformative and can even help with problem solving! I love representing the metal element through beautiful metallic décor like my big copper fruit bowl which sits on my dining table. I find metal always brings an element of sophistication and luxury to a space. Apart from metallic colours, anything white can also be used to represent the metal element as well as objects that are round or domed in shape.

metal element

Source: Etsy

Water Element

Lastly, the Water element is all about rest, regeneration and restoration like a calm lake, but also strength and determination like a coursing river. You’ve probably guessed the best way to represent this element is with actual water, and indoor water features are perfect. The gentle, bubbling sound they make is calming and soothing and can really make a room feel like a sanctuary. Just be sure that they don’t conflict with any negative flying stars in the area. Other ways to represent the Water element are with mirrors and glass objects as they are reflective and shiny just like the surface of water. Anything blue or black in colour can also be used, as well as objects that are irregular or wavy in shape.

water element

Source: Weston

Not too difficult is it? Bringing the five elements into your home can be done through your decor in such a way that it’s subtle, indiscreet and stylish, without making your home look like a native forest scene!

Jem xx

Featured image source: @diyshelley

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