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Living room feng shui layout

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

living room feng shui

In my previous posts I’ve focused a lot on the most intimate room in your house—the bedroom, including where not to put your mirror and bed, and now it’s time to touch on the most lively and public area of your home—the living room!

How to arrange your furniture for good living room feng shui is a very common question, and now that I’ve finally been able to rearrange my living room for this reason, I thought I would share the feng shui principles I used to do so.

Now, it is said that there are two types of learners—verbal and visual. I’m the latter. Try explaining how to assemble an Ikea cabinet to me and I’m lost after ‘pick up the allen key’, yet show me the diagrams on the instruction paper and… oh, wait. Probs not the best example…

Anyway, for my verbal pals, allow me to explain the key points for arranging the furniture in your living room.

Furniture arrangement for good living room feng shui

  1. The largest couch should be placed with its back against a solid wall to provide protection and support, and ideally you should be able to see the entrance to the room from this spot. This may be difficult if you have an open floor plan, but placing a console table behind the couch with taller objects on top can represent a solid wall. In other cases you may have to place your couch against a window.

  2. A coffee table should be placed in front of this couch. This is where Qi gathers and gives those sitting on the couches something in common, which makes them feel at ease and promotes conversation.

  3. The smaller couches or chairs should be placed around the coffee table to form an octagonal shape.

  4. Side tables, pot plants or lamps can be placed in corners to bring energy to those areas.

For my visual friends, feast your eyes on these examples! These pictures show how a good feng shui layout can be achieved in living rooms of various sizes incorporating all different kinds of furniture pieces.

living room feng shui

living room feng shui

Source: @cococozy

living room feng shui

@scoutandnimble by @katejacksondesign

living room feng shui

Source: @the_real_houses_of_ig by The Sitting Room Interior Design

living room feng shui


thehavenly by amybartlam

Source: @amybartlam design by @thehavenly

living room feng shui

living room feng shui

Source: @cococozy

living room feng shui

Source: @scoutandnimble by @amberinterior

How did you go with your living room layout?

Jem xx

Featured image source: @sallywheatinteriors

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