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My new living room art

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Canvas Workshop art

artwork for good feng shui, and now I’m excited to show you my new piece of living room art that I purchased from The Canvas Workshop.

About a month ago I rearranged our living room for a couple of reasons:

1. My baby girl is now crawling, which means in no time she’ll be climbing, and then walking, then graduating from high school, moving out of home, getting married and having a family of her own (wail!). Ok, I might have gotten a little carried away there, but what I’m getting at is that our couch used sit against the staircase partition upstairs, which a climbing child might consider to be a really fun, three-metre high jungle-gym as opposed to a potential death-trap.

2. Feng shui layout. Our living room was not in its optimal feng shui layout and this is something that I’ve wanted to change for the past three years that we’ve been living in this house, but without our daughter as an excuse I would have had more luck winning a million on a $1 scratch-it than getting my husband to spend one day of his weekend shifting furniture with me.

So with our couch now sitting against a big, blank wall, it really needed a nice, big piece of art to fill the space. I immediately jumped on The Canvas Workshop’s website and found a deliciously titled ‘Lemon Frosted‘ canvas print, which I delightedly popped into my shopping cart and then decoratively hung above the couch a couple weeks later.

Living room art

Why I chose this piece of living room art

I specifically chose this piece for the colours; vibrant, highlight yellow (which I also found out happens to be Robert Kaufman’s Kona Colour of the year 2016—how unintentionally on trend I am!) splashed with a cool, dove grey (which, for some reason looks blue in these photos)—almost like someone had filled two balloons with paint in these colours and dropped them from a height onto the canvas.

From a feng shui aspect, these colours support the northwest sector of our home, which relates to the metal element and is where our living room is located. Yellow is an earth element colour and nourishes metal, and grey is a metal element colour and provides support to this sector.

Because the living room is an active, Yang room where the family comes together to chat, watch TV, play and entertain, the colours in this room should support these functions.

Yellow is the colour of vitality, cheerfulness, optimism and clarity of thought, and this piece really helped to uplift the mood of this room.

Living room art

The cool grey tones help to balance out the vibrancy of the yellow, as too much yellow can cause hyperactivity and I like my living room to also be a place where I can relax, even though it is considered an active room.

Art is fantastic way to incorporate colours and adjust the feel of a space. What colours have you incorporated into your living room?

Jem xx

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