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The power of psychics

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

power of psychics

I believe in the power of psychics.

Even though, personally, I prefer not knowing what the future holds for me, I thoroughly enjoy hearing the recounts of my friends’ visits and marvelling at the accuracy of some of their readings.

To others, going to see a psychic is no big deal. It’s just something that you do when you’re going through a life change of some sort. Much more than a form of entertainment, psychics are like therapists, if you will, providing guidance and support for those who are seeking clarity.

And while I don’t believe that all psychics are psychic, I still believe in the power that they hold.

What I mean by this is that whether a psychic is truly clairvoyant, using their intuition, simply reading your body language and tone of voice, or merely making informed guesses by what you’ve told them, their aim is the same—to empower you.

Psychics and empowerment

When someone goes to a psychic with a question, I feel that often they already know the answer, have made up their mind or are leaning a particular way, and their purpose of having a reading done is simply a way of seeking validation on their decision rather than finding the answer to their question.

For example, I have friends that often see psychics when they are reaching a fork in the road, perhaps in a relationship or their career. More often than not, deep down in their hearts they know they know what they need to do, and talking to a psychic provides insight and clarification.

When you gain clarity on a situation, you gain power. The shift in perspective helps you to accept the circumstances, brings your focus to the present, allows you to see the direction you need to take and puts you in a better state of mind to move forward.

So, although at first it might seem like the only value to be gained would be from seeing a true clairvoyant, someone who is simply skilled at discerning subtleties in your behaviour still has their worth.

The saying ‘listen to your heart’ is about trusting your gut instinct, understanding your feelings and knowing what will bring you peace, and a psychic, clairvoyant or not, will try to pick up on whatever cues you give off as to where your heart really lies and steer you in that direction.

Psychic, Julia George, says that “within the busy lifestyles we all lead, it is easy to lose touch with our inner voice and knowingness of life’s journey and purpose”.

Psychic readings help you to reconnect and get back in touch with your true self and your real feelings. Not only do they give hope, optimism and strength, they can help bring light to an alternative viewpoint on a situation, lend a non-judgemental ear, and offer an unbiased opinion or solution to an issue—things that may be difficult to get from family or friends.

I’ve seen the change in my friends’ attitudes and energy after they’ve seen a psychic. They always seem more at peace and comfortable with what has happened or where they are heading. A pretty big thing to achieve in an hour, if you ask me.

Jem xx

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