Say hello to a stranger

When did you last say hello to a stranger? I used to live in a unit near the hustle and bustle of the city’s CBD. Almost every day I would go for a walk along the pedestrian footpath by the river where I would pass by all sorts of people. People going for a stroll, others exercising, business men on their way to work and uni students heading to class. One thing I hadn’t really noticed until I moved to the ‘burbs was that people there never said hello to each other. Even when

My secret to happiness

I’d say I’m a pretty happy person. A glass half-full type of person. I rarely get angry and it takes a hell of a lot to annoy me. However, I’m sure my relaxed attitude towards things has been mistaken for naivety many, many times, but that doesn’t bother me. In fact, that’s my secret to happiness. I don’t let things get to me. That’s not to say I never encounter shitty situations or have to deal with shitty people, because I certainly do,  I just choose not to get stressed ou


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