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Feng shui for attracting positive energy

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

How good is your house at attracting positive energy?

feng shui attracting positive energy

Source: Houzz

So, I’ve written about the easiest way to feng shui your home and about the importance of clearing clutter, but did you know one very important aspect to having good feng shui actually has nothing to do with the inside of your home?

Because feng shui is all about keeping a flow of nourishing, positive energy inside your house, it has to be attracted there in the first place!

The best way to think about this is to imagine you are house hunting.

You’ve looked online, picked out a couple houses and have dedicated the morning to attending open house inspections.

You hop into your car, plug the first address into your iPhone and follow Siri’s directions to the street.

Pulling up outside the house, your heart sinks. It’s a dump (real estate photos can be so deceiving). The lawn needs mowing and the grass is overgrown with weeds. Messy trees and bushes block any clear path to the house, and you can’t even see where the front door is. The house itself looks run down, neglected and unloved.

Unless you were hoping to buy it as a knock-down, I’d say you’d be pretty disappointed with what you saw. You may have even mentally crossed it off your list at this point and lost all interest in checking out the inside.

Sheng Qi, or positive energy, thinks the same. It’s a picky home-buyer who loves street appeal. And it’s lazy. It doesn’t want to have to wade through long grass, push it’s way through bushes or send out a search party just to find the entrance.

The easier it is to find your house and get through the front door, the better.

Imagine you rocked up to the next house on your list and were greeted by a tidy, open front yard, freshly mowed grass, a pretty flowerbed and a neat little pathway leading right up to the front door. The house itself is in great condition and you can tell the sellers have taken pride in it’s presentation.

I reckon you’d feel pretty hopeful about this one, and you’d be a lot more excited to check out the inside, am I right?

Apply the same approach to your own house. Stand outside and get a feel for the energy your house is projecting. Is it saying, “Welcome, please come in!”, or is it more like, “Stay the eff away from me!”?

feng shui attracting positive energy

Source: Houzz

If it’s the latter, don’t worry; attracting positive energy to your home is easy! Here are some simple tips to follow.

Feng shui tips for attracting positive energy

  1. Make sure your house is easy to find. Have your house number easily visible from the street.

  2. Tidy your front yard so that it is open and inviting.

  3. Ensure there is a clear route to your front door. If you have a pathway it should be curved or wavy so that the energy meanders along and it is of a more gentle quality as it enters your home.

  4. Keep your house and garden maintained and attractive. Fix any cracks and chipped paint, and make sure your flower beds and plants are healthy and thriving.

Jem xx

Featured image source: Houzz

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