Feng shui for money and wealth

I’ve already touched on one of two major things that people always want to achieve using feng shui. The first is LOVE, of which I’ve given you a nifty little tip for here, and the other is… MONEY. Yes, moolah, dosh, dough, coin… whatever you want to call it, don’t deny you wouldn’t want a little bit more of it. Sure, they say money can’t buy happiness, and I agree that it can’t buy TRUE happiness, but I’m telling you now, if I won the lotto you’d have to wipe pretty bloody ha

Feng shui for attracting positive energy

How good is your house at attracting positive energy? Source: Houzz So, I’ve written about the easiest way to feng shui your home and about the importance of clearing clutter, but did you know one very important aspect to having good feng shui actually has nothing to do with the inside of your home? Because feng shui is all about keeping a flow of nourishing, positive energy inside your house, it has to be attracted there in the first place! The best way to think about this i

Is your house Yin or Yang?

Do you know if your house is Yin or Yang? Did you know whether your house is Yin or Yang can affect your mood, motivation and how you go about living your life? Here’s how to determine the energetic quality of your house and how you can alter it to your benefit. How to tell if your house is Yin or Yang A Yin house When I finished high school I moved out with some friends and lived in what could be described as a very Yin house. It was your typical haunted-looking house. It wa

Say hello to a stranger

When did you last say hello to a stranger? I used to live in a unit near the hustle and bustle of the city’s CBD. Almost every day I would go for a walk along the pedestrian footpath by the river where I would pass by all sorts of people. People going for a stroll, others exercising, business men on their way to work and uni students heading to class. One thing I hadn’t really noticed until I moved to the ‘burbs was that people there never said hello to each other. Even when


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