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Feng shui for money and wealth

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

feng shui for money

I’ve already touched on one of two major things that people always want to achieve using feng shui. The first is LOVE, of which I’ve given you a nifty little tip for here, and the other is… MONEY.

Yes, moolah, dosh, dough, coin… whatever you want to call it, don’t deny you wouldn’t want a little bit more of it.

Sure, they say money can’t buy happiness, and I agree that it can’t buy TRUE happiness, but I’m telling you now, if I won the lotto you’d have to wipe pretty bloody hard to get the smile off my face!

But here’s the thing; feng shui can’t make you win the lotto.


Unless it is written in your destiny, that is.

But don’t throw the towel in yet! What it can do, however, is release any blockages that are holding you back from reaching your ultimate wealth potential.

The most successful way to do this is by using Flying Star feng shui (the most accurate school of feng shui) to activate a specific type of ‘star’ or energy in your home that relates to wealth. This star is called the ‘Noble’, ‘Divine Water Dragon’ or currently the ‘8 Water Star’. Everyone will have this star located somewhere in their house but the only way to discern precisely where it is, and whether it can be easily activated and how, is by having your home assessed by someone who has been trained in the Flying Star method of feng shui.

So, what if you haven’t had this luxury?

There still are things you can do! Here are my top tips.

Feng shui for money  –  tips for removing blockages to wealth

  1. Focus on your home entryway. Make it beautiful, open and inviting so that beneficial energy, or Qi, wants to come inside. You won’t have good luck with money if there’s none of this energy in your home!

  2. Declutter! Clutter represents blockages and these blockages are a hinderance to you being able to move forward with your dreams and goals.

  3. Check for leaks in your house and get them fixed. Qi is attracted to water so if you have water escaping through leaking taps or cracked pipes, then your money luck is going down the drain along with it. This will be visible in your water bill too!

  4. Bring your house up to good condition. Remember, your house is a representation of yourself and your life. If your house is run down and looking as though you can’t afford to maintain it, it’s projecting the energy of scarcity, which will in turn be reflected in your life and wallet. Sure, it may take a bit of money to fix it up to begin with, but the results will be worth it.

  5. Use all the burners/hotplates on your stove. Using your burners represents being able to feed your family, which means having the money to do so. Keep your stove clean and in working order, and vary the burners you use as this represents having more than one stream of money coming in.

  6. Keep a bowl of fruit on your dining table. This goes along the same lines as the above, as it represents being able to afford to feed your family. The fruit doesn’t have to be real; artificial fruit is just as good.

  7. Support your wealth and abundance sector. This is the southeast sector of your home, which relates to the Wood element. Support it by incorporating decor and furnishings that are of the Wood and Water element. This can include wooden furniture; green, blue or black decor; houseplants; and mirrors. You could also hang artwork that depicts images of wealth and abundance such as flowing water (wealth is attracted to water) or a dream holiday destination.

The important thing to understand is that using feng shui for money is more about achieving prosperity than having a lot of coin in your purse.

Richness in life as opposed to riches in your bank account.

Rather than making a big pile of cash land on your doorstep, it will bring opportunities for more wealth and prosperity your way.

This could mean things such as landing a contract, your house increasing in value, finding a good deal on a new phone plan that will save you money, buying that handbag you’ve always wanted at a bargain price, or being able to take a well-deserved holiday. It could even mean getting a new job that pays less but allows you to spend more time with your family if that is what richness means to you!

Jem xx

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