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The 2 illness star and your health in 2016

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

2 illness star

Have you found you’ve been getting sick a lot more this year? I know my family and I have, and I’ve noticed that so many of my friends have been too.

There’s a reason for it.

The 2 illness star.

Ever since we moved into our house almost four years ago, our health has been perfect. Not a single sniffle was heard, nor scratchy throat was felt. We were probably in the best health that we had been in for years. That is, until this year.

This year I caught tonsillitis, hubby had a throat infection, and we’ve all had about two colds each this winter, including our little one.

But I’m not surprised.

The flying stars for 2016 warn of this!

Every year certain energies, otherwise known as ‘stars’, move into a new position in your home. This year, the 2 illness star moves into the Tai Chi, the centre of your home, and will stay there until the 28th of January 2017.

Energy of the 2 illness star

The 2 illness star brings poor health ranging from chronic disease to colds and flu, as well as abdominal issues including problems relating to the stomach, digestive system or female reproductive system, and if you spend a lot of time in the energy of this star you are more likely to suffer from these issues.

The star being located in the Tai Chi in 2016 indicates that we all need to pay special attention to our health this year. The Tai Chi is the heart of your home and its energy radiates outwards to all the other areas. A such, you can see why the 2 illness star being located here is not ideal.

Pay attention to where the Tai Chi is in your home. In my home, it takes up part of the toilet, hallway and breakfast bar. Usually it’s not good feng shui for the Tai Chi to be located in the toilet, however, this year it’s actually a positive for us as the draining energy of the toilet helps to drain away some of the energy of the 2 illness star!

So then why have we still been getting sick?

Unfortunately, the breakfast bar is where we spend a lot of time. It’s the spot where we eat in the morning, use the laptop, sit and chat, and sometimes eat dinner! People are often drawn to the centre of the home and this is very much the case in our house.

If your bedroom is located in the centre of your home, you need to be especially careful this year. I’ve mentioned here and here about how the feng shui of your bedroom is so important because you spend several hours a night amidst the energy there so you will be much more affected by it.

How to remedy the 2 illness star in 2016

Here are some things you can do to reduce the effect of the 2 illness star.

  1. Keep its energy as inactive as possible, which means keeping the area it’s located in as quiet and still as possible. Avoid playing music, having the TV on, or making loud noise in the centre of your home.

  2. The 2 illness star is of the Earth element. We can help drain the Earth energy by introducing more of the Metal element in this area.  Decorate with objects made of metal, or objects that are white or metallic in colour.

  3. A Chinese a Wu Lou, also known as metal Calabash or gourd, is a great remedy for this star and should be placed in the centre of the home.

  4. Another very good remedy is the salt water cure. Fill a glass 3/4 with rock salt, place six Chinese coins on top with the yang side up (the side with the four characters), and then top it up with clean water. Place this in the centre of the home and top up with water as it evaporates. As the negative energy is absorbed, the salt will crystallise and may overflow out of the glass, so it’s a good idea to place the glass on a plate or mat to protect any surfaces. Dispose of the entire remedy in the new year.

  5. Avoid any objects that are of the Fire or Earth element in the centre of your home as they will only enhance the energy of the 2 illness star. This includes candles, stoves, electrical equipment, objects that are sharp and pointy, earthenware and pottery, and objects that are red, orange, yellow, beige and brown.

  6. Spend as little time in the Tai Chi as possible.

The main thing to do is take care of yourself and look after your health especially in winter as we are all more susceptible to illness this year. Hopefully the energy of the 2 illness star hasn’t affected you too badly so far!

Jem xx

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