How to swing into spring

Spring has sprung and I’m totes digging the warm days and mild nights! The start of spring has an energy about it that motivates me to get outdoors and get moving! … Or maybe it’s the regret of spending the whole winter on the couch binging on marshmallows and episodes of The Bachelor? Anyway, this is why! In the Chinese five elemental cycle, Spring relates to the Wood element. The energy of Wood is rising and generating and relates to growth and renewal. Just take a look aro

The 2 illness star and your health in 2016

Have you found you’ve been getting sick a lot more this year? I know my family and I have, and I’ve noticed that so many of my friends have been too. There’s a reason for it. The 2 illness star. Ever since we moved into our house almost four years ago, our health has been perfect. Not a single sniffle was heard, nor scratchy throat was felt. We were probably in the best health that we had been in for years. That is, until this year. This year I caught tonsillitis, hubby had a

How to welcome Winter

Welcome Winter by  flowing with the Water element How did you go adjusting your energy for Autumn? Now that it’s officially Ugg Boot, flannel PJ and hot chocolate weather, it’s time to welcome Winter! In the Chinese five elemental cycle, Winter is the season that relates to the Water element. The energy of Water is downward, closing, storing, concealing, internal and quiet, and relates to life, death and rebirth. In Winter, these qualities are reflected in our natural environ

How to adjust your energy for Autumn

Have you adjusted your energy for Autumn? Even though we’re already into the second month of Autumn, I’ve only just started to feel the change here. The air in the morning is that little more crisp and daylight is that little bit shorter. Autumn is the season that relates to the Metal element in the Chinese five elemental cycle of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This is the the natural cycle and interrelationship of energy, and is the fundamental theory that feng shui, Ch


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