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The easiest way to feng shui your home


One of the easiest ways to feng shui your home is to bring beneficial energy inside. And how do you do this? Simple!

Fill your home with things you absolutely love, and that make you smile and feel happy on the inside.

‘Like what?’, I hear you ask.

Well, for starters, definitely not that horrendous vase that Aunt Beverly gave you after she cleared out her garage, with its shabby-chic style minus the chic that matches with absolutely nothing in your carefully colour-coordinated living room, nor the relaxed, hamptons-style decor of your entire house, but which you have to keep on display in case she decides to randomly pop over one day, as she does.

The general rule is if you dislike the look of it, don’t put it in your house. Get rid of it because it just adds to clutter and we already know what the deal with that is.

If an object brings up negative feelings, then you are only encouraging this type of energy to build up in your home.

If you feel guilty every time you look at Aunt Bev’s vase because you really just want to lob it down the stairs dispose of it, then you should definitely dispose of it, or maybe sell it on Gumtree to someone who’ll actually appreciate it (honestly, people sell used egg cups on that site so there’s bound to be someone who’ll give you a few bucks for an old vase).

I actually have a vase in my living room that makes me happy. I don’t quite know what it is; maybe its soft jade-green colour or the way the light hits its gentle curves that remind me of a buddah’s belly, but for whatever the reason, I just love it.

It’s this kind of thing that you want in your home.

Things that make you feel good!

Even little things like fresh flowers will work, because it’s pretty hard not to feel cheerful when you’ve got a big, colourful bunch of Gerberas sitting on your table. Just remember to throw them out as soon as they start to die because, you guessed it, not only will they not be looking pretty anymore, but that dead energy is definitely something you don’t want in your home.

So go on, think about what kind of feelings the different items in your house evoke and make sure they are all positive!


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