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How to adjust your energy for Autumn

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Have you adjusted your energy for Autumn?

Metal Element Energy for Autumn

Even though we’re already into the second month of Autumn, I’ve only just started to feel the change here. The air in the morning is that little more crisp and daylight is that little bit shorter.

Autumn is the season that relates to the Metal element in the Chinese five elemental cycle of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

This is the the natural cycle and interrelationship of energy, and is the fundamental theory that feng shui, Chinese astrology, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture rely on. In each of these practices harmony is created when the elements are balanced and flowing as they should.

The energy of Metal is  inward, introspective and contracting, and relates to inner reflection, letting go and bringing things to completion.

These qualities are clearly reflected in nature and our environment in Autumn.

It can be seen in the trees as they pull their energy into their core and let go of their leaves;

It is the time that animals gather and store food in preparation for Winter;

It is the season for harvesting crops that have been ripening over the warmer months.

Metal is also represented by the west—the direction of the setting sun.

In the life cycle of the plant, Metal is the phase where the fruit creates the seed. The seed holds the essence of the plant and the potential to begin a new phase of life.

Nature understands the flow of energy and effortlessly syncs itself with this cycle, which is what we should be doing too.

Autumn is not the time to be starting anew.

Starting a detox or a new, vigorous exercise program goes against the flow and can lead to health problems. Save this for Spring when the energy of Wood is rising and supports new life, personal growth, change and visions for the future.

Right now we should be aligning ourselves with the energy of Metal.

It’s time to start winding down and begin conserving your energy. The focus shifts from the outside to the inside, and applying this notion to your personal self and your home is beneficial.

Tips for adjusting your energy for Autumn

  1. Eliminate things that are not necessary in your home. Clear out clutter and discard things you no longer need or use.

  2. As the days get cooler introduce warmer colours into your home decor through cushions and other accessories to create a more nurturing atmosphere.

  3. Reflect on your previous experiences and distill what is and isn’t important in your life. Let go of any emotional baggage.

  4. Finish off any current projects and get those little jobs that you have been putting off done and dusted.

  5. Do gentle exercises that draw a focus to the internal such as yoga and tai chi.

  6. Look after your lungs as they also relate to the metal element, making them susceptible to lung disorders in Autumn such as coughing and bronchitis. Keep them strong by deep breathing and keeping warm.

  7. Eat fruit and vegetables that are in season such as apples, pears, figs, persimmons, grapes, pumpkin, mushrooms, silverbeet, radishes, etc.

  8. Avoid cold and raw foods such as green smoothies (see why here) and instead consume foods that have a more neutral or warming property, i.e. switch from drinking green tea to Oolong tea.

Don’t resist the natural flow of energy. Feel it. Embrace it. Embody it. Mother nature has it figured out.

Jem xx

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