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How to swing into spring

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


Spring has sprung and I’m totes digging the warm days and mild nights! The start of spring has an energy about it that motivates me to get outdoors and get moving! … Or maybe it’s the regret of spending the whole winter on the couch binging on marshmallows and episodes of The Bachelor? Anyway, this is why!

In the Chinese five elemental cycle, Spring relates to the Wood element. The energy of Wood is rising and generating and relates to growth and renewal.

Just take a look around outside in Spring and you’ll see the Wood energy in action –

Flower buds burst into bloom and plants and trees are covered with new shoots and leaves;

Seeds that were planted in autumn and germinated through winter sprout upwards and break through the soil;

Animals that have been in hibernation awaken after months of living off conserved energy;

Icy, frozen lakes and landscapes begin to melt and come to life again;

The sun starts to rise earlier and the days begin to lengthen;

And birds begin to nest, which of course means one thing that instills fear in the heart of every Australian – Magpie Season!

The Wood Element also governs vision, and this also refers to goals that we set our sights on. To work with the Wood energy we can use the strength that we built up throughout winter to push off the ground and get our plans moving. But, like branches on a tree, we need to have a strong base for stability yet still able to sway and bend with changes in the wind.

Wood also rules the emotion of anger and the body part of the limbs. The latter also refers to our ability to stretch and be flexible, so if we are not flexible enough to cope with challenges that arise in the pursuit of our vision we will experience anger and frustration. Because Wood energy is rising, any blockages will cause it to build up and eventually explode and release itself as shouting, breakdowns etc.

When Wood energy is imbalanced it can manifest in ourselves as stubbornness, inflexibility and rigidity in our approach to things, as well as a physical inability to stretch and bend.

Tips for adjusting your energy for Spring

  1. Make decisions, write down your plans and set your goals. This could be anything from a new exercise routine or diet plan to a vision you have for your career or future.

  2. Clean the windows on your house. Windows represent your vision and when they are clean you will be able to see your visions more clearly.

  3. Declutter your home of things that you’ve accumulated through autumn and winter so that both you and your home feel light and renewed energetically. They don’t call it ‘spring cleaning’ for nothing!

  4. Exercise or play sport to get your limbs moving. Stretching exercises like Yoga and Pilates are great.

  5. Wake up with the morning sun and embrace the warmth. The warming energy of the sun is motivating and helps you to make more out of your day.

  6. Warmth comes not only from the sun but also from friendship. Go out and socialise, make friends and network!

  7. Eat seasonal produce. This can include apples, pear, citrus fruit, paw paw, strawberries, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, cauliflower and peas.

  8. Introduce more pungent and sweet foods to cleanse the liver and balance the Wood energy as Wood also rules the liver. Pungent foods can include spring onions, garlic, ginger, basil and other herbs; and sweet foods can include sweet potato, carrots, beetroot and pears etc.

  9. Foods that are green and sprout out of the earth are full of Wood energy and should also be included in your diet, such as spouts and seeds.

Aligning yourself with the energy of Wood this season will help you swing into the Spring of things!

Jem xx

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